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Recently Forex Market told us, "US dollar fell ,while the non-US dollar strong up", which mainly due to bad U.S. data.It was the U.S. government shut down that made the US Dollar weak. And it will be weak for a long term in the future to the end of the year. However, the non-US dolla...
Euro: The main driver of the positive trading dynamics of the Euro currency was, in general, weak dollar. The published data by the Center for Economic Research ZEW on the index of economic expectations in Germany and the euro zone were slightly better than expected and added some opt...
The U.S. dollar reached top levels after the market speculated information about the readiness to start negotiations on the short-term increase in the debt limit issue.
The dealing desks have an option not to hedge the customer. Only in that case the trader “losing” means the broker is “winning”. However, reputable regulated brokers customarily hedge their customer trades. Even unregulated brokers will not hunt stops and try to make you lose....
September has passed away, the third quarter of 2013 also came to an end, regardless of the month, even this quarter ,how well or bad your trading result is, just let us calm down ourselves.We need to analyze and summarize our gains and losses in trading life seriously , only the expe...
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