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hello! i am a student who is interested in writing. i enjoy cooking, psychology,reading politics and recently on internet marketing.
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Recent pages by khalida

Clearing the news about the rumour about facebook and what started it?
the review of the book, the help written by kathryn stockett
This is a fun and brief note to discover the various types of shopping one can do
this is a brief note about what inspired me to start writing.
How to save money in a smart way using your credit card.
A brief note on how woman can react to the discrimination and harassment against her.
A list of home made hair masks which can be used to prevent hair fall and treat dry or damaged hair.
Well, this is a elf analysis of the changes found in me after starting writing.
This is the journey of parents when they have kids. some tips as well as how much one has to change as a parent.
A brief note on the importance of fatherhood and things that a father can do to nurture his bond with his kid.
control your anger by finding out the root cause of it and also by using these tips.
An effort to improve your cognitive abilities , the easy way.
This is a diary entry by a chicken. his journey with humans and about his love affair
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