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A published poetry writer. Have 1 book in the works. My writing is how I express myself by poems, light hearted, and how to articles.
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We are all sparks of lite. This poem is about; How we brighten others' day and in the meanwhile make this world a better place.
Sometime when someone leaves us suddenly without much notice we continue to love them and may find it hard to get over them. Then, one day we wake up and realize we are over them, for that strong feeling has subsided. The flames have finally burned completely out. You feel relived rea...
Sometimes Love find us at the most unlikely times, many times when we are not looking for a love. Love has such a strong power over us- such a force, almost blinding us. Such power over us emotionally and physically. This poem is about the power which love has.
When life throws you curve ball, when things don't work out as you had so hoped or dreamed, reach beyond yourself. Reach up and release that pain, that worry, the sorrow. This poem is aimed at encouraging those who are hurting deep within. Written during one of those many times when ...
This is a poem I Wrote to my Daughter when she became a mother, and passed it on to my mother. This is poem is dedicated to the all mothers out there, Please take a read.
Helpful Tips: How to keep Strawberries and other Fruits Fresh Longer
Do you know what to do when your child gets stung by a bee? Here is a no cost,quick and Easy Helpful Tip to reduce the redness, inflammation and soreness of a bee sting.
Want to save money and protect your pets? Here are a few helpful organic tips for protecting your pets from fleas cheap and easy.
This poem was written while sailing on a 70' 1889 Herdshire Schooner Sailboat, to express the feelings of being on the sea. There is nothing like sailing out in the deep blue sea.
This is a poem about "Spoken Word"s. Words can hurt or heal as words have power. Many people are remembered by the words they have spoken many years later.
These are some commonly known garden tips which everyone should know but many don't. Since I have many people ask what they can use organic to keep deer from eating their corn,I thought I would share what works for me.
This is a poem I wrote when two of my daughters went into the army.One was wounded during her 2nd tour in Iraqi.
This is a humorous poem about puppies and how they compare to children. This poem is sure to make you smile.
This poem was written just shortly after my little brother's passing as a way to express my feelings about his life and sudden death.
This is a poem written about a new found Love when I wasn't looking for love
A poem to challenge American citizens to wake up and take a stand one way or another, to get off the fence.
Tips on how to give your yard some easy and quick curb appeal at low cost
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