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I'm a writer who loves to write web content. Topics I specialize in: travel, career, pop culture, nature, food and art. I dabble shyly in fiction and memoir.
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"Close Your Eyes" was born out of a food writing exercise where I was challenged to write about food, using all five senses.
I admire and respect the struggles that teens deal with on a daily basis. I wrote this piece when my son's girlfriend was going through a difficult time.
Austinites are as passionate about their breakfast tacos as they are about their BBQ. Ask five hungry diners who makes the best breakfast tacos in town and a lively debate will inevitably ensue. Loyalties run deep. Stop in at one of these three local haunts the next time you’re in t...
Buying your first car? You’ve heard horror stories about the process, but with a little preparation it can be fun. Really! Follow these tips to put you on the road to car buying satisfaction.
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