The Red Rebel

The Red Rebel
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The world on different points of view. I will show you how the norms are not really how you think they are.
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NOTE: This article is based on my 4 successful and fruitful years of experience about hitting podiums. So, it is your choice whether to believe them and apply them or not.
How to become a better writer? Looking for answers for one of the most usual questions people ask? Answers that can build you better but does not mess your current lifestyle up? Then you’re on the right path because below are the how’s on becoming a better writer that can be simpl...
This is a story of a young lady searching for answers regarding her father's sudden disappearance in everybody's mind. A day after her mother's burial, everything changed, even her father's existence.
I am not a doctor nor anything close to being one but I have discovered a new virus. It's been present for all these years. People just see it on a different point of view. They see it to be trendy, fashionable but it's not. It's something severe to the point where there is NO CURE bu...
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