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Ravikumar Ambadi
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A freelance writer and activist. Also engaged in digital marketing. Takes up new challenges in digital marketing and trying new techniques to yield maximum results for the client
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JPACT courses or Job Placement Certified Training courses have become hot favorites of the ambitious youngsters as they help them to find a good job in their profession. Read more about the JPACT courses.
Hyderabad, the state Capital of Telengana is providing many opportunities for young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs and there are many supporting factors too for starting business in this city
Virtual offices will help you to reduce the initial investment for taking an office on rent or for setting up an office while you start a new business
The term “Data Warehousing” has become a common term nowadays and being used in the business circles quite often. Even though it became a common term, many do not know what data warehousing is or many are mistaking database with data warehousing.
Selenium is gaining popularity as a test automation tool and fast becoming the most widely used test automation tool on our planet earth. We discuss about its advantages here.
Tantric sex, is a form of non-orgasmic sex which is considered a divine act. It will provide enormous pleasure if practised properly and regularly. It is considered an effective form of worship to acquire the divine power and energy.
A short description about the Chenda melam, traditional drum performance which is an inevitable part of any festivals in Kerala, the southernmost state of India
Vineeth Bhatt, commonly known as Thirumeni among his disciples and fans is one of the most revered astrologers and tantric in India. Here is an interview with him where he tells about astrology and tantric rituals in detail.
The 2014 will certainly witness several new trends in digital marketing and this sector is all set to flourish
Myths and folklore of each region have many things to say about the region. It will not be wise to reject them as mere fictions designed to promote superstitions.
An Internet marketing professional can always help an artist to grab opportunities and to enhance the status of any artists using his skills.
Sex is not a matter related to the physical body, it is related to the mind and soul also. A divine sex is being regarded as a form of worship which will pump in a lot of positive energy into your body and mind.
By making prostitution legal, sexual harassment can be prevented to a greater extent.
Life is a short term affair and nobody can predict when it will end. Wealth is necessary to lead a comfortable life but alone it cannot make life an entertainment. Hence you should take leave from your work once in a while and start your journey to new places.
Internet marketing has been proved to be the best strategy that earns results in Indian Real Estate Sector. There are many advantages for this marketing strategy over the conventional one. However, the two major features such as wide reach and lesser cost make it the favorite one of m...
Every place in this world will have its own myths and folklore. Myths are not just stories or something that has to be rejected as promoting superstitions. Myths need a close watch to understand more about the region and its history.
Contradictory to the common belief that different techniques of internet marketing are effective only for B2C marketing, they are equally helps to improve the business in B2B sector also. Here is a small discussion about the same.
The formation of government with the support of congress can be a foolish act by a wise person. With this single act Arvind Kejarwal has helped BJP to boost their image and popularity.
There is a trend among those who are claiming to be progressive thinkers to disclaim festivals for the reason that they make us to spend money. They are of the opinion that this is really a waste and that money should be spent for the benefits of millions who are suffering.
We have quite a good number of religions around the world and each religion has its own rituals which are based on some legend or on some other reasons. Most of the religions insist on following them strictly while some others are giving freedom to choose. Many such rituals have been ...
Kerala, the southernmost state of Kerala is comparatively a smaller state. Rich with its natural resources, the state lag behind in industrial development. The major reason cited for this is the over politicization of the denizens. It is true to a greater extent as the people of Keral...
Now the proposed new airport project at Aranmula, which has been announced as a heritage village has crossed one more hurdle by getting the final permission from the Government of India. Along with severe environmental problems, the airport will certainly promote cultural genocide too...
Nostalgia not necessarily should be sweet always, but it touches the heart or even penetrates into one’s heart deeply. Every human being will feel nostalgia at some specific points in his or her life. However, it is more for Malayalees, the original inhabitants of Kerala the souther...
Kerala has the most number of Ancient temples in India and most of the temples have a legend associated with it. Mannadi is a famous temple located in the Kollam district of south Kerala.
Even now people are worshiping snakes in many parts of India and there are a few temples in Kerala which are dedicated to serpentine gods. Here is the legend of one such temple.
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