Lou Cabral

Lou Cabral
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Currently live and write in rural Wisconsin after spending over thirty years in California. Writing,politics, music, family, and the Azores are never far from my thoughts.
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One September morning I rubbed the sleep from my eyes in time to see the unimaginable come across my T.V. screen. While smoke was still billowing from the first tower, what looks like a 747 plows into one of the second tower, live on NBC's Today Show. With a quick call into work and a...
“Christmas Just Won't Be The Same This Year” This Christmas decorations are going up and the lights will shine bright, but this Christmas just won't have the sparkle of years past. The bright light that guided us in years past is gone now. ...
Garthwaite Seeks 3rd Term Representing Wisconsin's 49th Assembly District
John Simonson and Howard Marklein are currently running to fill the Assembly seat being vacated by Steve Hilgenberg who is due to retire at the end of his term.
On a recent Friday morning I journeyed to Dubuque Iowa to see one of the more interesting projects the Dubuque Regional Humane Society has undertaken over the past three years.
The remains of 18,500 Native Americans and numerous artifacts are currently residing with the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. while 8000 sets of remains are currently housed at the University of California Berkley. These Native American remains are among the many that have bee...
Wisconsin has the highest rate of drunken driving in the nation. More than 26 percent of Wisconsin adults who were surveyed admitted that they had driven under the influence of alcohol in the previous year, according to a nationwide study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Ser...
Sometimes we make promises that need to and must be kept simply because, as a dear, sweet old man once said, "Always keep your promises, I won't forget!" Manuel Medeiros Cabral was born to very modest circumstances and a life of hard work that would shape his almost ninety one years. ...
My wife and I loaded up the Tacoma with the rest of our belongings, said a few tearful goodbye's, and we were off to Wisconsin and our new life in the Midwest. In the Summer of 2007 California had seen better days although the worst was yet to come.
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