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Jane M M
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My areas of focus include issues facing women, family and friends stories, children experiences, personal life experiences,daily events around the world among others.
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Recent pages by Jane M M

This is my story. A story of ups and downs of my weight which finally became a success story.
Have you ever tasted chapati. Well, here is my recipe for chapatis. My family and i love chapatis so much that we eat them almost everyday. You should try to make some for yourself.
This is a review of the article titled public culture written by a popular scholar Achille Mbembe. It focuses more on politics and how politicians control their subjects once they get into power.
How is urbanization impacting the lives of people?
This article is a review of Noise and Signal book by Brian Larkin a well known writer. In this book,he focusses on Nigeria. The book is very informative to those who know less about the country.
How much do you know about the culture of Tanzania? I came across this book about cultured states,youth and gender written by Andrew Ivaska. I have never been to Tanzania but upon reading this book,i feel like i have already been there.
This is a review of ethical soundscape a well written book by Charles Hirschkind. It focusses on the use of cassettes in delivering sermons by the Egyptian.The information contained in this book is clear and very informative.
Rembering the present is a well written book by anthropologist Johannes Fabian. This article reviews the work of Johannes Fabian and his interaction with artist in Congo. The book is very insightful as It explores how people use art (paintings) to explain the history of Congo and the ...
Molly's story is full of twists and turns. It will leave you with the desire to read more about her because its captivating and very suspenseful.
This is an inspirational story which shows that it does not matter where one come from for them them to succeed in life. It also shows how families in Africa value boys more than girls.
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