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I am an active high school student, and a great writer. I am an writing to inform mainly which is why I will post articles quickly, but they will be informative and well written
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Google Plus is now open to the public. Go enjoy this all new website at plus.google.com
This is an article that gives my personal view on why we are so depressed, and a way to change the way you think to at least help you manage your depression.
This is a page to help parents find time for their teenagers. It provides some suggestions on how to get to know your teens and what to do, and how not to push.
Do we have a right to block online ads? Is bocking these ads fair to online companies? Well this article shows you how this little extension affects the market
This is an article giving helping students find ways to go to college. It will list funding options and college options for students. This information might not be accurate for people from all countries. I am sorry, but this article is directed at people from the U.S.
This is a page teaching people how to deal with bipolar disorder. It lists treatment and feelings associated with this disorder.
What is your opinion of Affirmative Action and how do you think it could be improved?
This is an article showing how much Americans waste over time, and that we are very wasteful in general. It also shows how to correct some of our biggest waste issues.
This is a page that lists four alternatives to Microsoft Office. At the time of publication these are some of the most popular software (other than Microsoft Office)
Hearing Loss in America is on the rise, and this is something we all don't want to hear
This page is revealing the fact that Science may soon have a cure for the Common Cold
This is a page outlining the power music can have on the brain, and how music affects us in general.
This is a page that is trying to explain some difficulties that teachers face when trying to educate students in schools, and some of the issues that the education system faces as a whole.
This is a brief Article examining the Android OS and the Iphone OS.
This is an article discussing the actions of a private US military firm, and if they are right. My views towards this firm is that there actions are wrong. See for yourself if you think their actions are against Democracy
This page outlines some of the common dangers in internet security today, and how to protect yourself. This article can help secure your personal information
This is a short page exploring some of the reasons why children do not read, and some ways to help them read. It kind of gives you an inside look at why children and teens are so reluctant to read.
This is a short page to try and show how Google the widely popular search engine is gaining a ton of new power.
This is an article asking the question as to what has President Obama done so far to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
This is a page dedicated to the Open Operating Linux Distribution called Ubuntu
This page explains why people are often tired all of the time. It also explains ways to help your body stay awake.
The over use of Antibiotics is causing humans to lose the war against bacteria. This article lists some reason why this is happening.
This is an article about the rise in debt in America. What would you think if one day you were told all of your hard earned money was worthless. This could very well happen one day.
This is a page dedicated to helping those with Depression or those who think they may have Depression understand how it works and to show you signs to look out for. I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL IF YOU HAVE A MENTAL ILLNESS SEE A DOCTOR
This is an article explaining how common drugs are in teenage groups, and how they could be affecting your family
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