Princess Alyx

Princess Alyx
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I am 21 and am pursuing my bachelor's degree for social work. I love to read write play sports listen to music and basically just chill out. I want writing to be my life. It practically already is!
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This is a poem about how I felt when I started dating my ex when I had waited four years for him to realize that we were meant to be. But in the end it didn't work. I am just glad that I got the chance to show him where we stood with each other. We have both moved on since then and ei...
This is a poem that I wrote after an ex and I had broken up. I wanted so bad to work things out, however not working things out worked better in my favor. But it did leave me with a great poem. Heartaches seem to do that.
This is a poem I wrote about one of my brothers when he was in jail. I believe that the words are pretty clear. At least they are to me.
This is a poem about how I feel about my childhood. I grew up too fast for comfort and this poem really helped me put my feelings in writing.
I wrote this poem right after christmas 2012 when I didn't get the one thing that I wanted for christmas. I was upset so I sat down and put my feelings on paper. Would love your thoughts. To see what you love and what I can improve.
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