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Min Liu
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Native Chinese, a translator, teacher/freelancer, Liu Min has a passion in writing and life in general. She is providing you Mandarin Chinese tutoring service.
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Comparative learning is a great way to boost efficiency of learning, and more, it’s fun!
Some predict a type of smart-chip, which reads the host's music taste and surrounding, can automatically choose and play songs, of which the host is best fond at the given moment.
Dogs are best friends to humans, and it's so true!
Dogs are best friends to humans, and it's so true!
I definitely would approve the saying that people who collect experiences are happier than those who collect things.
Believe it or not, my head-on encounter with jellyfish added a lot color of joy to this summer vacation.
Taking baby around and having them exposed in different culture and environment is a good way to provide them a large base of experience, even though they are unlikely to remember much later on. Bon Voyage to all!
If not prepared, your trip to a foreign country can be accompanied with more hassles and troubles.
Do you know there are activities you and your family can all enjoy together in honer of Children's Day, and that they can be a lot more memorable sometimes?
Taking the chance of once-a-long-while-sunny day, I stepped on the road to a local botanic park in Beijing.
It is parents who need to fight the fear, the worry of upsetting children for all cause.
Throwing laughter to frustration, we said to one another “Thank goodness we made it back safely!”
Taking children to museum is an educational visit, both for kids and adults! Why not take your kids behind the wheels heading to a museum during this Labor's Day?
Not to travel when having time? It may raise eyebrows of many, but it is a heartfelt advice I’m speaking of here.
Children’s moral and ethical development needs the guidance. Parents, moral education can’t be the one to leave your house.
To identify Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and learn the options in its treatment can help the ones who suffer from tragic events, the traumatic occasion like recent accident of MU 370 disappearance and capsized Korean ferry boat.
Practicing instrument is greatly beneficial, even if your kids don’t turn out to be a top-notch musician.
More children play Ipad games today. But when to stop is parents’ job to concern!
It’s a lesson learned from my tortoise, that fruit coming by effort tastes sweeter. A little bit more appreciation makes the world a better place!
When the weather is too hot or cold to play outside, parents need some general ideas on what to do for indoor activity.
To succeed in parenting, parents need to make sure they both stay at the same page in dealing with their kids. Why? Let’s find it out.
Communication is an art. Talking to children is an exquisite art.
Parents can effectively help their autistic Kids, if catching autism when the kids are young. Early autism signs are traceable by evaluating the milestones for baby’s age.
Staying fit means a well-functioned body. How to make that happen? My article is here to offer some answers.
What are your reasons to travel? Are they the same ones as mine?
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