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I was born and raised in Greece in 1982. I write since my teenage years. I call myself a fantasy writer and a semi-professional photographer. (http://www.expertscolulmn.com/)
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Some personal thoughts about humanity and human being. A try to be a better human.
Tips for children safer internet browsing and how can we supervise are kids.
Email is a great part of internet, but can be prooved tricky. Here are some tips to have a better email expiriance,
Batteries is a vital part of a netbook and laptop, but, also. the most unreliable. these are some tips to extend the battery's lifespan.
how can an Solid-State Disk save your data in comparison of a traditional Hard Disk Drive?
This article is about browsing. Provides tips to be more secure when browsing on the web.
These are the very first easy steps for a safer internet. Search, also, for other parts.
This is the first part of a internet safety article. It will give the reader some basics info for a safer internet.
What can we do, when a data loss problem occurs? How can we prevent it? What is the best way? The data restore, or the safety of a backup?
A guide for merging photos, that focuses at the time of the capture
Fantasy fiction, which takes place in the future. The Earth is a single realm and searches life in distant solar systems. How can a single decision destroy Earth?
Can a game, with minimal graphics and easy handling, be able to make you play nonstop? Is this simplicity the key of success?
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