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I am a passionate writer from India living in new york I have been writing and editing articles for last 4 years and it is now kind of my favourite thing.
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A Production Weekly casting call for ‘Captain America: Civil War’ indicates that Daniel Bruhl will be playing Baron Zemo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
This is about a wierdest thing I founded while surfing internet on google.
‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ choreographer Guillermo Grispo promises a ‘very intelligent explanation’ as to why Batman is a challenge for Superman.
Is it true that Humans only use 10% of brain? If yes what happens when someone bypass this barrier , read on to find out !!!!!!!!
Matrix (movie) star Keanu Reeves new action-thriller movie 'John wick' full review Including a Download link.
Did you know that MARVEL'S Avengers assemble was Originally RATED R; To Find Out What Scene Had to Be Cut to make it PG-13 READ ON.
Read the article to know about the most talked about movie of the planet AVENGERS 2 AGE OF ULTRON.
Terminator 5 is gearing up to shoot and taking its cue from Sega, it has a title. But the question is will arnold BE BACK as terminator or will Dwayne johnson replace him. read full article to find out.
this article is about taking a mini vacation from all the busy and hustlefull activities of daily life and relaxing your body and mind to a stressless state.
This review includes everything from key features to drawbacks , pricing camera , and all the other information you will need about samsung's most talked about smartphone of 2014.
The new age mobile phones have arrived , If you are smart phone fan like me you would be happy to know that transparent smart phones are here and will be available to general public in 2014 read the full article for more info.
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