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I am a guest writer. I like writing about Information system, education, PHP tutorial, blogging and gardening. Please visit my blog at www.katabah.com
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Using paid domain and hosting is necessary as our backup, though we feel happy to use free and user-friendly domain.
Not all dreams can be brought into reality. Not all planning can be implemented. I must be able to live and survive
I take a little experience to get a paid domain and publishing articles at Bubblews. This website is like Wikinut. It pay writers. Some people say that Bubblews is Triond 2.
Sometimes, nationalism implementation makes relationship between two countries worse.
She understands six languages, including Indonesian.
I speak about Indonesian language and culture at glance on my beloved blog. Indonesia is a very interesting to know.
India has great history for Indonesia in some fields, such as Islam development, business, education, and so on.
There is issue that Indonesia will get the best economy power in 2030. It is also characterized by current economy condition that Indonesia economy development is increasingly exist.
What is our learning style: visual, audio, or kinesthetic? It will help us to learn something more easily and interesting.
Transliterate is to write words or letters using letters of a different alphabet or language. I write it in a form for beginners who want to know Arabic language.
I make a blog as a priority, though I have over 10 blogs. The significant service is here in the blog, "I must publish minimal one article every day." While the others, may be one article a week. This step is adapted after seeing a popular personal blog that has Google Page Rank 6.
Three inheritances from Abdullah, and two inheriteances from his son, Prophet Muhammad.
We can get additional income from PublishUs and Triond. There, we can be a guest writer with activity: "Submitting articles and earn dollars via Paypal."
Is scientific journal format against Google Adsense's policy? This question grows after I read most of Adsense publishers' blogs only write articles are like articles on newspaper.
We need money. We must strive to get money. But life is not for money only, we must be able to save our selves from darkness because of money.
Writer profession can increase our knowledge, relationship, and our income. Last time, writers are difficult to submit their articles to conventional publishers. Today, they can submit their articles more easily and rapidly through "paid-to-write" online program.
Every blogger has each chance to get money from a blog. It may be form of Paid per Click (PPC), Products Review, or Self Advertisement. Every monetizing program has each advantage too, also according to bloggers' passion.
People who write as guest writers are known as guest writers. This profession is guessed interesting because can be passive income. It means once work, then will get income forever during the website exists.
Indonesia is a big market for developed countries in the world. It seems USA and China compete in business field in Indonesia. Although some experts suggest Indonesian government to build business relationship with China, America is still more exist in this country.
Many bloggers use Google Translate for generate many articles in short time. Will it compete human translation result?
Imam al-Ghazali is a most popular Muslim scholar in the world. Special in Indonesia, many Islamic education institution provide his book as main subject for students.
Making over one blogs is our decision. It is depend on our goal too. Moreover when we want to monetize blogs, so we must a decision smartly. Special for me as a beginner, I prefer making more than one blog, but not so many.
My experience in PublishUs, Triond, Wikinut, and Hubpages. Now, I am still learning them by publishing some articles happily.
Making Dropdown Menu and opening other file on one main page (early page).
Local people have low interest to learn their local culture. This is challenging for experts of Sundanese to save their culture.
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