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I'm an ESL teacher who loves to write about my travels. Other topics of interest to me include politics, pet care (especially when on the road), anime, yoga, and ancient history.
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Some basic information about a mosquito-borne disease called Chikungunya; how the disease can be prevented, what to expect of you do contract it, treatment options and recovery time.
Some facts and trivia about one of television's most popular shows in history, and it's impending reboot.
A ruling today by the SCoC has finally undone some of the damage that 15 years of government interference has done to the medicinal marijuana movement in Canada. However, this program of obfuscation began well before the reign of the current government.
A short article that describes some of the small cities and towns hidden along the southern stretch of the coast of Oaxaca.
Thanks to modern perspectives and some talented writers and directors, we have some unique and wonderful modern film interpretations of ancient mythology and the journey of the hero, a literary theory that repeats itself in almost every story we tell.
Some nostalgic musings from a weary traveller far from home.
Mexico has a number of famous tourist destinations, but there are still many mysterious places off the beaten path that are waiting to be discovered. Zipolite, also nicknamed "the Beach of the Dead" is one of those special places.
The following article lists and describes some of the most useful, popular and highly-rated software programs to compose lessons and activities for language learners. These programs are free of charge, often open source, and can be used with a variety of media including text, video an...
Tales of ninja coitus and samurai bukkake, and varieties of fetishes too numerous and shocking to be named! A guide through the delightfully depraved world of erotic Japanese cartoons.
Once the dominant genre in the film industry, many moviegoers today wouldn't even know what the term "peplum flick" means. After a long haitus, the peplum flick (a film genre named for the metal skirt that a Roman soldier commonly wore, but is not always about Rome specifically) is en...
What if you could eavesdrop on a conversation between two distinguished men of the cloth at a time in history when their power was - supposedly - absolute? Would you be amazed to find out that they put their stockings on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us?
Despite the mountains of scientific and anecdotal evidence that show cannabis to be the most benign mind altering substance available, this plant, and anyone who uses or even touches it, continues to be subjected to some of the most punitive criminal laws in history. How did this rela...
Learn Italian, the language of impeccable design, ancient history, exquisite food and famous art. Speak the tongue of great operas and the artists Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Learn the cryptic language that includes a variety of whistles and hand gestures that seem to pass for its own...
"La Playa Chica" is literally translated as "the little beach" in Spanish, and this is the nickname given to the stretch of Pacific coastline between Puerto Escondido and Huatulco. The following is a guide to fast, efficient and cheap travel along the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca state in ...
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