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Connor Lyons
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I'm greatly interested in writing, life, the military and education!
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This is a short excerpt from my book, Chilling tales - a series of short stories. The story, They that haunt.
Another short excerpt from one of the short stories within my to be published book, Chilling tales - a series of short stories. This too is from Hitori Kakurenbo.
The following is an excerpt from my book which I hope to publish soon. This story is one of nine called, "Hitori Kakurenbo", which means a game of hide and go seek alone, or hide and go kill. In this, unsuspecting horror-seekers are lured into a deadly game of Hitori Kakurenbo by a my...
So a lot of the times now, violent movies/shows and video games are under attack. But are they the problem for increased insensitivity and violence, or is it something else? Here are some of my views on it.
It seems today in free countries, especially in the U.S.A. religion has been coming under heavy attack. Here I’ll explain a few things about religion, the good it does for a person and how even none believers should feel about them.
Opinions can be a double edged sword, whether it is in the workplace, or the debates. Voicing your opinion can be a pretty dangerous thing and done poorly it can be even worse. We’re generally taught to keep our opinions to ourselves—this is not always the best thing to do.
Parents, this one is for you. Parenting, while quite possibly one of the most rewarding jobs—if done right—is also one of the worst jobs imaginable. From screaming babies with smelly diapers, to rebellious teenagers,(who can also be pretty smelly,) it’s pretty scary—and expens...
There’s a lot of bad in today’s society, I’ll list a few of those that should be watched for, and that are often bigger offenders to you and your children. There’s also a lot of good though, I’ll list some of those too just to balance it out.
The flag of the United States of America, the symbol of freedom in the world. Beautiful and majestic… And so many people forget what it really stands for.
As things get colder, and we draw closer to Halloween, I’ll be doing a series of spotlights detailing some of the creepier things in our world. Some of them might be a myth, but some of them might actually be real. Here’s a creepy character, the Slenderman. Is he real? You decide.
It’s amazing what we do out of those three vices. Sometimes though, these can be a good thing—and it can be important to remember the good that can be achieved with these trouble-makers. I’ll go over the three, how to watch out for them, what I will generally try to do to combat...
Games are certainly not all bad, though as we all know it can lead to some pretty bad things if we’re not careful about restrictions and what we let children play—here is a great example of the good in gaming society!
We’ve come a long way in the world in giving equal rights to all groups, including woman. But why the heck are women so often treated different? And I don’t mean in a good way. If you’re not disgusted please read on, then rethink the matter.
White, black, tan, whatever other the colors. besides a different skin pigmentation no one color is superior to the other—it’s important to have this mindset, and a lot of us actually do.
The end to a sad story of a sad evil man—Nidal Hasan has been convicted and will be killed. But is this really a good thing? I don’t think so and I’ll tell you why.
The things your children watch, read and hear will greatly influence your child’s core values, as well as his fundamental mindset. How come TV no longer has good shows for children anymore?
A lot of us are concerned about our body’s health—whether it’s our skin, our weight, or general longevity of our bodies. Vani Hari exposes the facts about the foods we eat, and offers creative, healthy and delicious alternatives.
The term friend is described as someone who is close to you, someone who you can rely on, an ally… But are your friends really your allies? You’d be surprised.
Whether it’s Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the face of magazines or some rapper rapping about killing or raping, a lot of people, especially young children love to read or listen to these sick, twisted people. But is this right, and are we in part to blame?
Isn’t it amazing the things you hear from children these days? Why is it that they’re so disrespectful and noisy? There are a lot of factors playing into this—here are some that can easily be changed by mom and dad.
The world is quickly changing. No longer do we need to sit in one place to fill our minds with the creativity of someone else’s, we’ve got audio-books for that now! But is that wholly good for us? Especially today’s youth?
I think we can all agree that being a leader is tough. But what few don’t realize is that pretty much all of us are in fact leaders. And it’s within the grasp of all of us to become better ones if we only take a few minutes to separate ego and fear from our inherent leadership pot...
As relationships become more of a fashion accessory, rather than about true feelings with young adults, they are steadily becoming more of a joke in today’s society. Is there no such thing as true, mature relationships in the world among young adults? Here I will discuss some useful...
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