Jaya Mayadas

Jaya Mayadas
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I enjoy wrting on current issues, I am an avid trekker and a choirist. I write about life experiences,recipies, short stories and travel-places i have see across the world.
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The piece is talking about how different meaning can be conveyed through the simple word Colours. The was used to define people and social status in the past and also to change the way people thought with respect to the time and age the lived in. Colours and painters brought about the...
Its a movie based on the Indian woman wrestler, Mary Kom. It shows the struggles and obstacles she overcomes to become a world champion in boxing.
When the world's populace races ahead with the lure of amassing large economic gains, the government unfortunately has to carry the burden of the poor. Poverty alleviation has become the bane of nations worldwide, especially in the southern nations.
This article is to showcase the shift in the society with respect to status and role of women especially through the portrayal of media.
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