Steven Doyle

Steven Doyle
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I am a financial writer by profession and I specialize in writing on insurance and related fields. I have been solving insurance queries on a few public forums for a while now.
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Consumer protection laws are an important part of any capitalistic economy. This article talks about some of the more important provisions under the FDCPA which an average consumer does not know about and debt collectors take advantage of.
This is a short article which discusses how public debt is on the rise and bearing down upon the economy harder each day. Here we discuss the myth of good and bad debts, how the idea was 'sold' to the populace and how the reality of debt is so much more different and disturbing.
This article discusses the finer points and a few unknown factors which will help people in managing their personal finances better by being able to select the right kind of credit card to suit their needs.
Life insurance is absolutely necessary to take care of your family after you are gone. Here are a few pointers to calculate how much life insurance you would require.
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