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inspiration is the only reason i write
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A night that changed my perception about a friend and about the important things in life.
A 17 year old 's realization that although in her opinion her dad is wrong ,at the end of the day he is her well-wisher.
It reveals the true picture of people,how people change with changing conditions.
It describes how a single day changed my life,thoughts and actually happened with me.I just wanted to share with you all!!!
An example of a passionate leader.May God give such leaders to our generation too.(Ameen)
This book talk about the evils of the society and some typical characters we find in our everyday lives.
The feelings of an unborn child for his mother remain constant no matter but he starts feeling guilty.
It is a summary of the thoughts that just occurred to me
This will motivate the student and enable him to study in a proper manner.It will broaden his vision and will give him some new ideas.
An enthralling story which will leave the reader with mixed feelings.
it gives a review of the famous book 'chill factor' by sandra brown.the review intrigues one to read the book itself and find out who actually is 'blue'.It might be Ben Tierney or not!!!
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