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Hon. Mutula Kilonzo, the former education minister is dead.
Education has helped so many Kenyans to improve their lives. However, there are still some people who are not yet convinced that education is important. The following is the importance of education in Kenya.
Plato, an educational thinker was born in an upper class family in Athens which was the leading city state in thought, art and government. He was interested in political career but after the death of his teacher Socrates, Plato pursued his teacher philosophy. For the purpose of educa...
According to the bill of rights contained in the South African constitution (Act 108 of 1996) everyone has the right to a basic education. Which the state through reasonable measures, must progressively make available and accessible. At most 5.5% of Gross Domestic Product, South Afric...
There are several factors that a producer must consider in deciding which alternative channel to use.
Distribution is the physical flow of products through distribution channels. A channel of distribution is defined as a chain of market Intermediaries or middlemen used by a producer or marketer to make products and services available when and where consumers or users want them. Examp...
A test is an assessment intended to measure the assessed’s knowledge, skill, aptitude and even physical fitness. Testing in education or psychology is an attempt to measure a person’s knowledge, intelligence or other characteristics in a systematic way. Teachers usually give tests...
The introduction of free primary education in 2003 was received with mixed reactions across the country, UNESCO, (2005). The government’s task force reported that the implementation of the program was faced with a number of glaring challenges that required to be addressed....
The theory of administrative behavior is a generic term used to describe the process by which people within organizations work and make decisions. The theory is credited to Herbert Simon through his book "Administrative Behavior" (1947).
Teaching is a fast-growing profession, especially in inner city and rural areas, and is expected to continue to grow for many years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Still, there are problems that impede growth in the profession. Salaries are higher, but schools are o...
Making money online is a story or a field that is understood by very few people compared to the huge amount of internet users. A question that is asked by many is, can one make money online? If yes, how can one make money online. A lot of varying answers has been given to respond to t...
Learning is a good thing. It opens so many opportunities. However, some students seem to not like various subjects. This definitely makes these students to fail in these subjects. This makes you wonder, what would make a student hate any subject and yet love the others? The following ...
Social media forms a productive marketing platform since they harbors people from all over the world. With the social media attracting millions of people regardless of their age, gender, races and location, the social companies adopt them as potential business hubs. Social sites that ...
There are various factors that shape and influence education systems of the world.
In most developing countries, education is a major change to the economy as well as development. However, some challenges might face such countries as they strive towards achieving their educational goals.
Girl child education is still a challenge in most developing countries.
The role of education in imparting intellectual, moral and social skills and values in order to achieve economic, social and political prosperity is imperative.
As it is with all other disciplines of study, comparative education is also faced with some challenges in the process of studying it both to the learner and the teacher. These challenges are worth considering exposing the learner to them and allowing the learner to have an opportunity...
You might have everything it takes to get hired for a job because you have the required experience, education and so on but image is everything.
Most businesses fail because of some reasons that can be looked at and made right.A business is bound to succeed if the players are all awake.
There is nothing as good as a having a united team. Either in the work place, in the church, in the schools and any other institutions.
A successful entrepreneur should poses some particular characteristics that may be learnt or at the same time in-born. And these characteristics are as follow:
Unemployment situations have been a factor that has to some extend been hard to understand. In many developing countries, the problem exists and repeats itself on the same note.
Obesity has affected many lives, but it could be reduced with healthy eating and reducing the amount of fats and oils in your food.
Today, with online jobs being on the increase, blogging has not been an exception; it’s among'st the money making boats sailing online.
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