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Love to articulate my unrestrained candid thoughts on paper.
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There was a time when I was served with dinner on platter by my mom after coming from work, and there is time now when I have to enter kitchen after work so that I can serve dinner to myself.
Why the great Mughal emperor Shahjahan couldn’t make a “Begham Mahal” for his princess Mumtaz, Why did he make a “Maqbara” instead? Why he couldn’t make her feel special in her presence, why he did when she died?
As December is drawing nearer, I was wondering how come media is not reminding it. Well jest apart, but who cares what tomorrow brings to us as long as we are alive now.
I was just goofing around the whole airport and finally sat in a place with my I-pod on. Suddenly my eyes got stuck on a girl who was sleeping deeply with her mouth wide open, must be from same flight. But then the thought came what she must be dreaming.
It feels wonderful to become a Aunt of the only Niece :)
Often people fear to TRY and they veil the truth with number of reasons. Why do we scare to try something new?
How many times we make fun by seeing a Transgender?? Aren't they human being??
Are we really concern for our future. We often forget that we have borrowed our land from our children.
What does Freedom means....... According to DICTIONARY its the power to act, speak or think without externally imposed restraints. Though in ancient and modern history freedom doesnt meant in this way but how much it changed since then??
It’s an amazing experience traveling in Delhi Metro Lady’s compartment. Everyday I used to observe variety of things going around me in that tiny coach. And then, thought of blogging on it. So here I come with my observation and wonderful experiences in Women-Only Coach.
What does Valentines day means to you if i ask you? According to many folks its a DAY for love, but my question is why only one day for love?
Anoushka, the Bengali bride was thrilled on her wedding day. Her younger sister Ananya, along with other female friends gathered together to prepare her for the most special occasion of her life. Her aunts’ jape was making the bride more unnerve until the Groom with his family comes...
How many times you sought for help or support from your nepotic when u flounders? How many of you don’t like to be alone at all? How many times you blamed others for getting a futile result? How many times you have tried to look for a person with whom u can share your problems and s...
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