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I am too lazy to wake up, but don't like to sleep more...
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On a girl whom I deeply fall in confusion. Either I love her or this is the way I see a-beautiful-girl. Sometimes the heart speaks and mind stops. Sometimes both stops and I feel loneliness and lost in something else. start to search too many things in a place. then I write. I don't k...
This poem is all about feelings. It won't take that much worth to read even I submit.
I write the poems in my own term. own feelings and own typo. All my works are posted in my wordpress blog.
Sometimes It is hard to read yourself. even harder to write yourself.
I called my sister a long time after and she told me " If possibility is there she wished to send local wine, she made for coming festival and my reply to her." Local Wine = This is homemade wine in our village.
This is the collection of poem. Hope you enjoy it.
I don't know what does all this mean? Does it mean art or not? How ever I used to write in mood and I never re-write anything. My mood and condition depend on own time and situation.So I don't bother anything to re-write or re calling that mood.
personal feelings sometimes what happens because of religion believe and people guidance.
How I learn codding. And what am I doing? And how I started codding. Later will be more fun.
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