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I am a single mom working as a full time nurse. I love to write because it's where I express my emotions. I love to write on a variety of topics.
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Tips on how to care for new born children, in order to prevent infection and diseases.
Lists on how to earn extra income online, these are the legitimate ones and not scams.
My experience on Data entry jobs online, are they real or scams.
A short review on the movie Enchanted, it's worth watching this movie, although it is a fantasy movie surely an adult would also enjoy it.
EDSA Revolution has celebrated its 26th year. It has been an eye opener to other nations to build democracy. Do we really know the true meaning of it or are we abusing it?
Every one of us has a child like within. Our children doesn't only learn from us, we also learn from them.
It is about my insight on the 26th year of the EDSA Revolution.
This is about my personal experience on being a nurse.
I have written a few tips on how to be able to save money on simple beauty regimens.
This is my opinion on the on going debate on the RH Bill in the Philippines. This is one of the celebrated issues right now. There is a big question on whether or not it should be pushed through.
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