Anja Thiede

Anja Thiede
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I am a film nut who loves mystery & thriller novels. I guess that's what I'll be writing about, mostly.
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The final entry in this series. Charles comes to the end of his endless reflections.
Things come to a head and Charles makes a decision. On a side note: I apologise for taking soooo long to upload this part. The next part will be up by the first of December at the latest.
Part seven of my short story series. Sorry for the late post. Life is great at geting in the way sometimes. In this part, Charles has to make his decision about Duncan's offer.
Part six of the series. Charles learns more about Duncan. There will be at least two more parts, both of which should be up this month.
Part five of the series. Duncan betrays a possible weakness.
Part four of the series. Duncan explains some of his plan.
Part three of this short story series. The history of the first postcard is explained.
Part two of the short story series I'm writing. Charles's brother elaborates on his reasons for renewing contact.
Part one of a short story series I'm trying out. I'll try to upload part two as soon as I figure out what happens next.
An unexpected re-emrgence of an acquaintance from a previous life begins the tale.
Someone you've never met shares their thoughts on an Agatha Christie.
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