Jax Johnson

Jax Johnson
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I think I am obsessed with curiosity about: Natural health and healing, creating, home deocorating, DIY projects, the written word, and real estate.
Currently enrolled in a MBA program.
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The decision to homeschool or not is definitely NOT and easy decision.
Two favorite deserts....chocolate chip cookies and brownies TOGETHER!
Come with me on a poetic journey through the seasons of love.....from one Man's perspective.
Sweet and sour: Pucker those pores and zap that bacteria with all-natural-you-probably-have-in-the-kithcen-now ingredients! Honey and lemons.
Moms against ringworm, unite! Knock out ringworm with a 1,2,3, natural knockout that doesn't involve expensive, chemical filled lotions and potions and such (oh my!).
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