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Hi My name is Mikey,I love nature and the natural world,and i believe every person of any color race religion or creed has the wright to live in peace.And be treated with respect and dignity.
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Recent pages by Mikey.

The life of a long distance trucker,Sounds romantic getting to all these places and meeting the local girls,But thats only a myth,All you see is tarmacadam for mile after mile.
The life and times of the lobster fisherman back in the old days. It was a very hard and dangerous way to make a living.
A poem about adopting a puppy from the dogs home to be my friend.
a story poem about the hunt by a Tigeress.And the stealthy approach to her quarry.
A poem about the beauty of the dawn and the colors that paint the sky.
A story about being given a piglet or two by the local Farmer.
A true story about a Vintage rally day, Held in honor of a departed friend.
A funny poem about the environment and the effect we have on it through our everyday life.
Preparing for Christmas in my youth,Quite some time ago now.
A true story that happened to me, A long time ago now.
A true funny story about cabbage plants and the local rogue.
This is a poem that tells the age old story of the Irish emigrant forced to leave their homes to try to make a new life for themselves and their families. Or die trying which many did because they starving.
A funny story about Micks first day on the building site,Wearing a pair of wellies.
A true story about my fishing trip, And meeting a comical little man.
A day spent in my uncles Forge.Watching and helping in my small way. While the smith shod the big farm Horses.
This poem is about the importance of rain-water in our lives.
A poem describing the return of an emigrant for Christmas.
The sea has taken many a life ,Some of which were our friends. This is a tribute to them. May they rest in peace.
Paddys first day on a new job on a building site which turned out to be a disaster.
We travel all around the world every day,With our eyes closed to the beauty which surrounds us.Open your eyes and see the natural world which we are part of.
A poem that describes the rough and dangerous life of a fishing trawler and her crew,Trying to make a living from the cruel unforgiving sea.
A short story telling the yarn about the fastest calf on the Planet.
This poem is a tribute to the people who lost their lives and to the People who are trying to piece their lives back together again.
A Poem about a typical morning in rural Ireland,A farmer going to fetch the cows. To bring them back to the yard for milking.
A poem telling the story of the destructive force of the wind.
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