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Shaila Touchton
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She has self published three books using print-on-demand called Christian Living, Seek God’ s Truth and Living a Godly Life .
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Lust and temptation is a choice and it has various forms. Many people have destroyed their marriage, families and their reputation because of lust, adultery, flirting and extra marital affairs.
Christ give veneration to Blessed Mother Mary Who gave birth to Him, raised Him and protected Him in the days of His childhood as a Mother.
The Church Fathers found many foreshadowing or prefigurements of Blessed Mary in the Old Testament.
The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is celebrated on 15 August by Catholics.
Scripture warns us that in the last days before second coming of Jesus Christ there will be wars and rumors of wars, nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there shall be famines , food shortages, pestilences despite of medical advances, old and new diseases...
Whenever I see the Crucifix many things come in my mind I have listed below in detail.
I have dedicated this to all priests of the world.
Many Christians don’t get healed because of their unbelief, unforgiveness, unconfessed sins, secret sins, pride, addictions, influence of unbelievers, Pharisees spirits, demons,generational curses, lack of faith, lack of honoring Gods people, broken spirit, ignorance of Gods word, ...
One can notice everywhere how people are so busy in writing and attacking Catholic Church on the internet, media etc.
There is much controversy today surrounding the land of Palestine and the nation of Israel.
There are many false prophets and teachers we see them today that are going around the world, telling people that they cannot be saved unless they belong to their denomination or listen to their one sided way of preaching and are busy in false accusing catholic church or Pope as False...
Demonstrators who are supporting 'kiss of love' campaign are ethically and morally wrong.
Jesus has been good to me so much, he never forsake me and my family when trials and tribulations attacked us.
This poem was written to Lord Jesus Christ who stood and helped me all time.
Being a stay at Home Mother is not easy. There are few people in our society who look down at stay home mothers and consider to be the weaker elements of this society. God intended for women to marry, bear children and guide the house. 1st Timothy 5:14-15, “I will therefore that the...
The meaning of true Christmas is gone these years.............
Confess and pray this prayer and personalise this prayer to your needs and build a dream house of your own.
God uses our conscience which is an independent witness within us to say whether we are wrong or right, through our conscience he will help us to flee from sins.
Jesus who was manifested in the flesh, Justified in the spirit, he was Seen by angels
Many people think that just by going and belonging to some church ,by mere confession of Jesus Christ as their saviour is enough , being a good person, doing religious things, etc are saved and is enough to get to heaven.
Many people have destroyed their lives by having an affair outside marriage.
This is dedicated to my beloved baby boy who fought for life, had near death experiences in the NICU and came home victoriously.
This the Poem written express my Identification.............
(This is written and dedicated to all the police officers in the event of All-India Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the city police commissionerate, Bangalore)
Sometimes God puts people in our path for a purpose.
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