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I was born in Lima, Peru. After high school I migrated to Australia with my family and did a B.A and Librarianship. I worked in a library and then migrated again to Santo Domingo and then Austria.
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This is the start of my new project. I have found its elements more or less by chance, so I am just letting it all be!
School exam, German exam, last school exam, medical test for Australian visa.
Lúcuma is a fruit we used to eat in Peru when I was a child. It was not that we ate the fruit itself, but rather used it to prepare milkshakes and often bought ice cream cones and cups made using the fruit. Apparently nowadays they not only make ice creams, but they have also found w...
Here I document the end of my activities for the month of April and the start of those for the current month of May.
I present a summary of merengue music, its history and video examples of how to dance it. I also show a funny video of a dog attempting to imitate a human dancing merengue!
I comment about an email I got from Kickstarter, where they compare the post office service, which used to rely on real human beings, as it is being replaced by automated processes. Gone seem to be the days of letter writing, stamp collecting and tangible human exchanges. One is left ...
This is my the example for my diary entry for April 2012. In months ahead I will update this by adding the next month.
I talk about the Peruvian Cajón, which is a musical instrument that was brought to Peru by slaves who came from West and Central Africa a few centuries back.
I am planning to start publishing my diary entries online in Wikinut.
Here I talk about Huacachina, a village and oasis in the Peruvian desert. Is surrounded by sand and dunes and it is very popular with locals and tourists who come to ride the sand dunes. It is also close to the Paracas National Reserve and the Islas Ballestas. The oasis features on th...
I have written many Hub Pages about jigsaw puzzles and one of the most favorite is Life is a Puzzle, which has received over 2000 visits. I question whether people are interested in Life or whether it is Puzzles they are interested in. I also talk about free puzzles, how to solve them...
Ideas about writing and finding inspiration among family and friends.
I used to live in the Dominican Rep. many years ago and people there used to refer to the lunatic asylum as being located in kilometer 28, Duarte Highway, which is close to the capital, Santo Domingo. The word for nut in Spanish is loco, or crazy, so in my article I play with the word...
Few days we spent at Easter time in the Greek island of Agistri. I talk about the hotel where we stayed (Oasis Scala Beach), the people we met there and the sporting activities we carried out.
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