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Mangaliki Kar is an enthusiast traveller and loves to pen down her nomadic experiences. Her favourite itinerary spot is North Eastern Indian Regions like- Lataguri, Kaluk, Zuluk, Rinchenpong, etc.
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West Sikkim is simply blessed for its picturesque natural beauty. Added with it is the increasing demand of remote regions which has emphasised this tourist destination as a must visit for all. Kaluk is one such place of Sikkim that got immensely signified for the same.
Essence of flowers to the bossy body language of the wild animals and what not! Lataguri is the exceptional choice for them who just dreams to dissolve themselves among the picturesque beauty and creation of nature. The tour only gets dignified and magnificent with professional and ex...
Located at an altitude of 5600 feet of “Silk Route”, Kaluk is hugely immersed among the majestic peaks of the Himalayas. The wonderful landscape all the way round is also un-ignorable. Heavenly feel that it can gift its visitors is a splendid one! The melodious atmosphere for the ...
Lataguri is one of the most quintessential choices for many. For a reliving the monotonous hectic life, this tourist destination has an effective role to play. Diverse set of flora and fauna sets free one’s mind and soul to extreme harmony. And when such tours are being organized th...
Lataguri in North Bengal is a famous place for its being a gateway to the famous forests like Gorumara and Champabari. Visit this small village and enjoy the wild lifestyle of jungle inhabitants.
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