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i work 35 hours a week i am 23 yrs old i like to write reead and crochet. i am also studying bookkeeping and accounts. i lso write about what is in the news and poetry, i am writing for triond for over a year but not getting much from them.
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This is about a young girl who died due to bullying
this is about a book i have read, and i wanted to share with evertone who may be interested.
This is the review for chapter four of this book that I just can't put down
This is part three of my review of this book as I will be doing a chapter review then finishing of what I think
This review is about chapter two of this book which I previously wrote about part one
This is where I will be keeping you up to date of the book that I am reading
all about depression and how it changes you on every day life and how it may help you to overcome it
oh my gosh i can't believe what i have just read about peter Andre get well soon
this is about katie price and her amazing marriage to alex reid that didnt go so well on last saturday
this is about the match and the stats between both teams in the past
this is about one of the biggest legends across the world who sadly lost his life, and today is the anniversary of his death.
this is the facts about the world cup past winners
this is all about fabio capello banning the horns fot tonights match
this is about dad of the year and who will be winning the title this year
France v Mexico: match preview how will they do will they draw
I have done so much research into this as this has become close to my heart due to one of my close friends has been diagnosed with this.
this is how to make a chocolate mug cake and it is really nice
the premier league starts on the august 14 and the first fixtures are ready to see
this for the woman who may need to know about the deadly disease
this is about Anaemia what it is and what the treatment is
There's no right or wrong way to grieve and there's no telling how long it may take. Here you'll find information on the experience of bereavement and advice on ways to come to terms with loss.
Many people are embarrassed to admit it, but as many as 14 million people in the UK suffer from constipation. But what does being constipated mean, how can you get things moving again and when should you seek medical advice?
never heard this but found it quite good to read and learn about
this is all about accidents in alot more detail and not just what we may call an accident
all about the fab woman who has achieved everything that she wanted in her life.
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