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I am an italian born in cagliari in year 1975 and I am a biotechnologist, writer, nut.
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Recent pages by Francofiori

it's a short autobiography of a son of banker in Sardinia when he was a child
My life-long experiences as I dabbled in occultism, spiritism, yoga, zen
My experience and thoughts looking at the so-called Blue Moon at 31 august 2012
I find interesting the itladian philosophy of Anthony Peake and I advice wikinut readers to study it.
It is a poetry abou my feelings as being unemployed and precaurious life and hoping to find a way out
it is a poetry about how suffocating is our modern technological life nowadays and the depression of living in a cyberworld
It's a poetry about a son of a Mafia Man, it is a work of fantasy about sad life inside Mafia
My predictions for the future Stages of Singularity- my predictions for the future
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