Jordan Lidgey

Jordan Lidgey
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Hey I'm Jordan and I'm an entrepreneur, videographer, and writer. My writings will be about whatever is on my mind. I hope whatever I write about will bring up some entertaining discussions
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Just me babbling on about life. what it has in store for us.
Just want to show you pictures through my eyes.This post will be a little more personal about me so i hope you enjoy!!!
I'm just curious why people volunteer for stuff. This is just my opinion on it you don't have to agree.
Just trying to make an exit out of my hiatus to write this!
Just something i thought of. And figured i would write it!
Something that came to mind! Hope you enjoy And have a nice day
This is really just a poem about My family and I. Just a little about my life in a way. And some of my goals for life. And just so you know MVS, stands for most valuable son. Sounds stupid i know, but after i'm done you might know why i chose it.
just stuff my mind comes up with when it is night time, and i catch myself thinking.
I'm just going to talk about how did they do it back then? how did writes back before the computers and before things like wikinut get popular?
This is just a story i came up with and thought i would share it.
Here's just a little something i thought up of while reading Alice in wonderland. Hope you enjoy!
I'm going to talk about pit bulls, but not that there dangerous that was to grab your attention.
i'm just going to bore people with talks about dreams
Talk about jazz Class and what I have learned so far
just writing about the warm weather we are having right now
just talking about my friends band that i record videos for and help promote them.
I'm just going to talk about my day up in Frankenmuth Michigan.
My first page on this thing we call wiki nut hope you enjoy!
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