Wade A. Barker

Wade A. Barker
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Wade Barker has over 15 years of experience in the stock market, the U.S. and world economies. He worked for a technology fund of a large mutual fund company managing $11 billion.
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Recent pages by Wade A. Barker

The worldwide impact of the Greece economy and the Greece debt crisis is examined.
Our current inflation measures have contributed to over-reactions by our central banking system, the Federal Reserve.
Foreclosures caused worldwide weakness in the banking sector over the last several years. This sector needs to strengthen before wide spread economic expansion can exist.
The government made large bailouts to banks and big businesses in 2008 due to the great recession. What did the government do to help during the Great Depression?
This article will direct investors or potential investors towards tools that can aid in finding and tracking investment opportunities.
How can small businesses benefit during an environment of a weak Dollar. Use the weak Dollar to promote increased profitability and reduced costs.
This article will walk the reader through steps on understanding the relationship between put options and call options relative to the underlying security.
This article will briefly describe the ways an analyst or investor will attempt to value a stock or a bond. Comparing and contrasting the different models used during the process.
This article focuses on planning for a business in the long-term. The process becomes difficult, at times, in an ever changing business environment.
This article will compare CD rates with inflation and the effects inflation has on CDs.
Defining cash flow in a business and its significance.
This article will include a description of investing money and why is it important.
This article will compare and contrast the rate of inflation and the rate of growth.
This page will walk the reader through a step by step process in how to change his or her credit or debit card on the PayPal system.
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