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I am 19, doing my graduation in Visual Communications in Chennai, India. I have authored my first novel in English, titled 'The Nightmare'. My interest lies in politics, general affairs and films.
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You need a job, and for that you need to undergo the process of interview. Here are a few tips that will definitely make you seated in the seats of the successful!
Why do we tend to be hyperactive with irrelevant issues and completely inactive with serious issues?
Insanity is when we forget humanity in the name of religion and nationality.
Everyone wants to be slim and healthy. But not all want to sacrifice their fav. foods. What if there is a possibility of having your heartloved foods and still staying slim?
Where is our Indian system of education taking us, towards the light of equality, or towards the darkness of discrimination?
Our national leaders have fought their sweat and blood to give us freedom. But are we really worth to live that freedom?
Is India a country of various languages and cultures or just a rotten nation of scams and corruption?
Why is it that our Indian government so hesitant to eliminate the wrongdoers? And why are we so hesitant to kick such people out of power? Real Power lies within us, the people, and not with the government.
What if one fine day you open a book and are invaded with a mammoth wave of tough and complex words? I bet you won't smell the book again! This article focuses on the fact that a writer has to use simple language to express, not bombastic language to impress.
What is education? Rotten matter in between the two covers of a book, or the innovation and imagination that lie outside it!
Are religion and caste to unite us, or to divide us? India is a secular country, we say. We have words like unity and brotherhood floating in our constitution. But are we really united? Does religion play a uniting factor in our nation?
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