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I am freelance writer specializing in financial topics and political commentary, gardening and ecology, psychology, and paranormal and New Age topics. My non-writing professional experience includes s
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There are four keys to landing page success – research, design, optimization and testing. Before you start designing your landing page,
How to use social networking in your blog where as Hordes of business people have been using these sites as platforms to deliver their message to the masses that in many cases are very willing to form a connection.
Getting advice from a competent financial adviser is very important. Visit your accountant to determine current and future liabilities and plan your position .
Are you afraid that you need to get your foundation repaired, because you have noticed cracks in your concrete foundation?
Maybe you're already working at that level, which means writing two or more major articles, or a lot of minor articles, every single month. But, how would you like to write 50 pages, then sit back and let the money come in, month after month?
However, Richard Fuld, the former CEO of Lehman Brothers, was making roughly $17,000 per hour the week that bank went belly up, and he kept every penny of it and defended his right to do so, straight faced, in front of a Congressional committee.
Certified Nursing Assistant - CNA Training & Certification
Review of More than Any Human Being Needs to Know about Freelance Writing by Jenna Glatzer
Though the classic horror movies didn't have blood and gore or loads of violence, they still contained plenty of chills.
Good manager is essential to a successful but being a successful manager is more than the result of management training; it takes something more then ability.
1960's Classics family Movies for everyone who loves romantic ,creepy scary, and even cheesy horror movies.
As the Academy rolls out the red carpets and starts awarding golden statues, I thought it would be appropriate to name some of the best space movies ever produced.
You are here because you love the of horror movies because of the feeling of..the shocking fright...brilliant blood and gory scenes... screams...
Superstition seems to be attached to this film due to the fact that the final scenes did in fact use real human skeletons.
Mobile homes, however, are a different story. While there are some mortgage programs available for mobile home purchases, they do not represent the most common type of mobile home financing. Most people who finance mobile homes do so with a personal loan rather than any type of true m...
This article isn't meant to mock anyone who has any disease. It is written by way of wonder for what the remarkable human body is capable of. There is something amazing -- and terrifying -- in knowing that we each are a member of the species among whom the following weird and perplex...
This is the season to remember your clients, your customers and the community.
Cheer up your postal carrier by planting a colorful and long-blooming flower bed around your mailbox.
How many of us know someone who has had cancer? I think everyone’s life has been affected in some way by this insidious disease in it’s many forms. While the hunt for a cure for cancer is still being conducted research has shown that a healthy diet can reduce the incidence of ...
And so, this incredible cycle of Nature repeats itself yet another year. Are you ready for the return of these mystical, magical garden jewels?
We all view Olive Oil as probably one of the more healthier oils in cooking on the market so if in the event we were to suffer from some form of cancer it is likely that we would use the more healthier option, although obviously better to start using it sooner than later as one of the...
Craps is the kind of game that everyone wants to play when they go to the casino but not everyone is sure that they understand how.
When it comes to purchasing jewelry, it is understood that females are experts in it. Especially when they are buying rings for themselves, the trip becomes tiring but at the same time it is stimulating.
The pink diamond has become synonymous with high fashion diamond jewelry and celebrity engagement rings. In the 1980s, the public at large never had an inkling that there was such a thing as a pink diamond.
It's really quite amazing the similarities between real men’s diamond rings and men's cubic zirconia rings as the clarity and shine of the CZ is quite similar to that of the diamond.
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