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Count Sneaky
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A retired art director, creative director, and blogger of "Count Sneaky's Journal" Will focus on humor writing.
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When nothing else works, try out-sourcing thoughts, ideas, concepts, and creativity to your friendly Hades Representative who will be more than happy to point out new perspectives to explore.
All the poets in Hades (And there are many) have contributed their best work to this effort edited by Count Sneaky. Something here for all shady tastes and warped imaginations and lovers of old Burma Shave signs.
If you were lucky enough to walk to and from school with a lovely little blonde; to have had a dog with an unusual name that made your mother cringe; and a father who protected your rights as a kid; you were really lucky! Here's the story, or at least part of it.
No one seems to know (or care) who slew the last known European Dragon ( Lizardo Gigantus) before they migrated to an island in the SE Asian Sea. There they multiplied and became known to a few surviving researchers as Komodo Dragons. After an afternoon spent in research and revelry...
Information, near poetry, lies, corporate lies and pure garbage from Hades new and revived PR department to inform clients and Demons, Fiends and Devils of Hades by the River Styx and all of its multiple sights and sounds.
Even the Management and Beloved Leader of Hades has realized the public relations of the organization needs updating. Step two in the program is the choice of a logo design.
The continuing saga (or sagging) of a corporate public relations campaign in Hades. The Chief puts his pitchfork down and adds a little creativity to a dull newsletter .
Suppose someone went through your wastebasket and, amid all that detritus of snack packaging and out of date TV Guides,found the crumpled notes of ideas, questions, and thoughts that form the basis of your idiot muse?
The first step in all Corporate Communications programs is a crisp, clear, flaming, fire-eating, smoking Mission Statement that is distributed to all workers and clients that shows where the hell you're going.
This is the current Newsletter From Hades, a publication of the old PR Dept. soon to be replaced, upgraded, modernized and most important, profitable if the Chairman and the Chief have their way. News from the demons, fiends, and denizens of the pits, fumeroles and management memos t...
Our idle minds may well be the Devil's workshop or just a place to rest our pretentions and play with our less than noble inclinations. A place to rest our minds from the unceasing labor of our daily lives, Pick one and enjoy.
Hades is in trouble. Its corporate image is in the dumps and needs help. Enter the new Corporate Image demons to put modern up-to-date PR principles to work bringing the image of Hades out of the pits.
Count Sneaky's E-Aviary is a Bird Watcher's E-handbook to remind them that the creatures they so avidly pursue have personalities too.
HR loves forms that are short and concise. This form fills that need and requires little waste of supervisor or employee's time to review.
We boys that were lucky enough to go to Summer Camp still look back fondly on those weeks spent away from the influence of ordinary life. There, boys could be boys...warts and all. I remember Ooga, Ooga, Camp Canooga!
How To Be Happy With NO Effort Required and explanation of Edith Wharton quotation about doing same. A little nonsense "Sheep Dip For The Soul!"
Meditation is one of those newly fashionable trends from the East. It is a lot easier than Yoga, which is sweaty, and meditating can be done on the...well, most anywhere.
With the Sasquatch, Swamp Ape.and UFO legends, I have resurrected a little known denizen of blackwater swamps that is just as good a fable, and it has a mora, as all good fables must.
The art of taking money for political advancement and appearing to be in the pocket of each lobbyist and association is explored in satire.
For pure, delicious, enjoyment nothing is quite so pure as glazed doughnuts...yum! But do we really know what goes into making these circular delights. I thought not. Do we really want to know? Well, read on.
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