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- Diaries of Catherine and Carl ~ First Journal
- First Poetry Collection ~ Love Isn't
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This is the summary and review of Diaries of Catherine and Carl ~ First Journal. To get more info about this love story book, visit : www.hestylim.com Thank You
It hurts me to know that the only thing I should do is to let you go.. It hurts me enough to know that I cannot even hug you when you come to me.. It hurts me that I should let go..
Are you aware of you hurting me?? Are you aware that I am bleeding?? If so, then why I feel like I am dying??
Would you helping me letting go? I beseech you please.. Cause I cannot stand it anymore longer..
Love, sometimes, tests us to know whether we are strong enough. Because sometimes, we have to be strong just to love someone...
Let's make our lives important by doing things which are important for all beings. Let's do things that make our lives meaningful while the death penalty hasn't due. Let's live like today is our last day on earth!
This poetry is dedicated to my Grandma who passed away on Sunday, December 11, 2011.. She will always be here in my heart..
So, don’t come.. I don’t need you to make me wound more.. To make me bleed more.. Just stay away farther more.. And that will be better more..
Don’t tell me what I can’t do.. Cause I will bring it in no matter what happened.. Have I reminded you about that?
I am sorry, Ma.. I don’t mean all the pain you feel.. I don’t intend all the heartache you suffer.. I don’t mean to hurt you at all..
This poetry is dedicated to all the best friends in the world.. Without them, we will totally alone..
Life is unfair. Or, probably LOVE is unfair. Most of us tend to love those who hurt us and hurt those who love us.. What's the point?
When someone treated you way too different from what he said.. When all the good things he said, turns out to be bad things that he did.. Some people might experience this kind of thing.. When someone tells you, he loves you.. But what he does is actually the opposite of it..
When the silence not only brings you peace.. but remind you that you are alone..
Taking care of yourself, sounds easy but it is not that simple. Loving yourself also seems simple, but it is not that easy. Most of us, tend to blame ourselves, torture ourselves with the past that we cannot forget. Haunted ourselves with the mistakes we did in the past.. What the poi...
Have you ever felt like.. numb, hurt until you can't define your own feelings? Have you ever felt like there is a strong bomb exploding inside your ribs.. and you still can't define your feelings?
I said, I am doing okay.. Though I know I am not completely okay.. I am complete.. Though I know that there's something missing.. Oh yes, There's a piece of my heart is missing.. Do you know where that piece is? Isn't it with you??
Life is meaningful when you fill it with beautiful things in your life. Life is beautiful if you think it is beautiful. You are the one who creates your meaning of life. Don't waste it. Cause, time won't get back.
When it is hard to tell someone about something, you might want him to ask you first, so that you can tell.. ^.^ happy reading!
This is diary of a girl called Catherine. In this page of her diary, she will tell us, why she hates the word "overtime". It's a common word for people who work in the office. Let's see, she hates it because her boss keeps on asking her to "overtime" or - she had another reason to hat...
This is dedicated for heart-broken men out there..
Now that I don't understand.. Why do you let go this hand of mine? Why do you have to desert me while we're just walking half way? Why do you desert me now and let me walk the rest of the path alone? No, No.. I really don't understand.. I really don't get it.
Can't break free? Have someone controlling your life?? and feel fed up with it? This is the time you stand up and tell him that you are not his property!
Why bother making everyone happy, while we know we can't make everyone happy and making ourselves happy are even harder??
This poetry is dedicated to all the oldies out there.. Hope this one represent your true feeling.. ^.^
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