Pat McCann

Pat McCann
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As an ex schoolmaster I'm all for personal communications. I'm deeply involved with seniors groups and feel a burning need to promote them in all forms and shapes from the mundane to the bizarre!
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Seamus was passionate about one of his pens but how did he assimilate that passion into his later work done on word processor?
Disasters can release hidden talents. They can be little personal disasters or domestic upheavals but they all have the potential to immerse you in a comletely new scenario.
This is one of those situations in life that has absolutely dead certain and totally imponderable elements wrapped up in such a way that no clergyman, psychiatrist, counsellor or pub buddy will ever seriously seek to advise you about.
Visit the mystic, ghostly islands in the largest lake in the British Isles. Feel an atmosphere that is intriguing, captivating, peaceful and, above all, truly alive!
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