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I am a freelance graphic designer, Academy of Art University student, mother, and photographer. I write poetry, fiction, and about photography, life and love.
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This is a huge shift that could change life as we know it. Why has no one taken this on yet? Maybe I have a limited and naive view, but I don't think the concept is impossible at all. It would take work, it would take listening very deeply to God/Spirit and a community ready for chang...
When we stay inside physically we miss so much of what is going on in our world. When we stay inside spiritually or emotionally we miss even more.
The rest of the characters are on a distant planet which will be explained later. Kaleen is back on Earth.
This is the next portion of the story, introducing Cynia and her dragon, Daschia. It also gives a glimpse into the connection between Cynia and Andrek.
The story continues as Ryn and Gallen are introduced. There will be pieces between these of course, these are just the highlights of the book. All the characters end up tied together, drawn together for a higher purpose.
This story has been in me for years. It is fantasy, based around several key characters, a foreign planet, Earth, dragons, and love that goes beyond time and space. There are several pieces so far, and I will be posting more as it comes.
I am feeling guilty...did my choice to allow insecticides in my back yard kill this bee? There are some insects we of course do not want in our yards, but bees are foundational to life as we know it. If the plants don't get pollinated, where does that leave the rest of life?
Support artist when buying gifts online! Zazzle is a great place to buy unique gifts for just about anyone.
I am currently unable to pay my rent, really in a bind, but I am working on building my at home business. I am also job hunting, but caught in the desire to just build my business. Can I make it grow fast enough?
A little processing of my process of processing images.... Oh my!
This is a blurb about my new projects I am working on to post in my Etsy shop and how I am working to find my niche.
My ventures as a stock photographer have opened up a new opportunity for me to sell my images. I am quite honored to be a part of StudentStock!
This is my continued journey in allowing God to come into my life. There have been so many synchronicities, how can I not pay attention?
As my story unfolds in this journey to a relationship with God, I have been given some very clear signs. I am grateful for these even in the midst of my logical mind trying to make some other excuse.
This was originally published on Bubblews a week ago after my first visit to a new church. I have never been a religious person, but I do believe there is something bigger than our singular lives. This is my experience in receiving a message from God.
Spirit sends us messages everyday if we have eyes to see and ears to listen. This sign happened at the perfect time for me.
This is a poem I wrote about letting go, surrendering to the flow of Spirit. The past few weeks have been life changing for me. It is difficult to change, but we have to move passed the fear.
This poem was written at the beginning of a transformational journey into my own heart.
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