James Partin

James Partin
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I am freelance writer, I have published works in Examiner.com, The Helium Network, Hubpages, The Cincinnati Gazette, and Yahoo Contributor Network. Arts, Entertainment, Health, Techology, and Politics
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The United States Postal Service has been losing money and running deficits for years change is needed if it is to continue to provide useful services.
Review of Movie Avengers Infinity war. I will discuss the movie its strengths, weaknesses, and how that plays out to the next sequel in the Avenger series for Marvel and Disney
World famous magician David Blaine life and times. This article details he early life, childhood, and events he performed and media successes.
Great Wines at are good tasting and affordable, The wines are from well know wineries and have great taste and favor and are good for pairing with many food selections.
Details the Election of 2016 and how it is the outsider candidates drawing attention.
Indepth look into politics and beliefs of Mike Huckabee candidate for President of the United States in 2016.
The case for John Kasich to be the choice for the Presidency!
I highlighted the important points of the first debate of the 2016 Presidential contest. Who were the candidates that stood out from among the rest.
Marijuana legalization gathering stream in U.S. Several states are passing their own drug to legalization for medical usage and some for recreational. Congress is reviewing.
This article examines the types of Anxiety Disorders and Symptoms and treatments
New research on Diabetes. Cure is around the corner
I discuss how depression and addiction affected Robin William comedian and actor and also discuss symptoms and treatment for all that suffer from depression
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