Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson
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Pastor Katherine Johnson is a writer and a Christian Pastor, she is also a Realtor in the State of Rhode Island.
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This book is about the story of the antichrist's birth and Rayford Steele's quest for learning more about God and Jesus. The book is the first story before the Left Behind Series.
This article introduces you to the City of Jerusalem which is the home of God's chosen people in the Bible. Still known as the Holy City, Jerusalem holds a special place as God's city.
This review is about the second book in the Circle Trilogy and it is called the Dance of the Gods, where an old man tells the story of vampires and the six who were chosen to fight them and save humanity.
This article is an overview of what a person can expect to read about in the Biblical Book of Leviticus. It allows you to learn what to look for when you study this great book.
This article explains what depression is and how God helps you when you are dealing with depression.
This article tells you about the book The Speakeasy Guide to Prohibition Era Slang by Kevin C. Fitzpatrick and it speaks of the Prohibition Era and the conversation and slang of the flapper era.
This article has an explanation of the 10 commandments.
This article gives you information about the life and times of the "Messiah" Jesus Christ.
This article introduces a new Bible reader to the Old Testament book of Genesis and what it offers the reader and what questions it answers.
This article gives you a basic understanding of the terms, Christian Apologetics and what an Apologist does.
This article teaches you how to write a great article for your writing business and reports. It gives you a list of things you will need to ensure that your article is perfect.
This article is an introduction to the Biblical book of Exodus, it gives you a background of Moses and the peoples of Israel, as well as giving you a look at how God provides for his people.
This story was told by an old man who is telling it about vampires and the forces that come together to save humanity from them. This review will explain how this all started. This book is the first in The Circle Trilogy.
At the end of the sessions with Dr. Marlowe the girls decide to get together and talk about one last secret, one that they had not even told the good doctor about. This is the story of how they fix the problem of one of the girls.
This article is about the concept of Baptism and how it affect the Christian and their being saved.
This article is an overview of the Gift of Tongues and it explains the Holy Spirit and his job in the Christians life.
This article is about whether Jesus was a feminist, which is a question many people would ask. This article will explain my idea of whether this is true.
This article is to introduce you to online career assessments and how they can help you get the job you have been looking for.
This article is an introduction of what the Bible says about love and how Christian peoples should love each other.
One of the things that computer users wonder about is the need for cookies on their computer, this article gives them an explanation.
Here you learn about Cat, the last of our wildflowers victims whose adoptive parents are really weird. You will meet her mother and father and you will like neither of them. This story will bring you to tears. Watch the feelings of each and every one of the girls and how Cat's story g...
This article talks to you about why a person would be interested in self improvement and considerations they should make to do this.
This article teaches you how you can make money online using affiliate programs, these offer you a wide range of products to sell through your online business.
For many people, the Grace of God is a mystery, and they want to know what it is and how to get a little of that Grace into their lives, here is an article about the Grace of God and how to get that grace.
This book is the 3rd book in the 5 part series about the Wildflowers, it is also one of the books which introduces and explains why one of these young girls is going through the problems that include the divorce of their parents. This one is about Jade.
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