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I am a home-school teacher of twenty years, who loves to freelance write.
My writing interests are Education, politics, health and opinions( which I have many lol).
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The plight of Lindsay Lohan should show why we need rules and that these rules should be enforced. Laws should be the same for everyone, regardless of who you are. Lohan is proof that they are not!
You can garden in areas that you thought would grow nothing. It just takes time, patience and being hard headed goes along way too.
Iran plans to stone an innocent woman to death! No one should be put to death in this manner regardless of the crime, it's inhumane, let alone for adultery.
Arizona has the right idea to rid their state of illegals. Especially when our politicians clearly are supporting illegals being here and doing everything in their power to keep them here. Millions didn't get here without someone noticing!
This article discusses men who have to make the decision to stay home and help raise their children and why we should be proud of them.
I think crime is paying to well in our society and jails are hotels instead of a house for punishment. Especially when someone is arrested for DUI and is paid $100,000 dollars instead of being fired. Someone who is supposed to be a role model.
Postpartum depression is real. This article is not just for women, it's for anyone who knows someone who has given birth. Please know the signs, you could be saving a life.
A welcome to Gen. Petraeus, a review of what to expect, and as always, a dash of my opinion threw in for good measure.
What happened to freedom of speech in America? This article is in reference to Gen. Stanley McChrystal and the possibility of him being fired. In America!
Parents should have choices in the way their children are educated. There is more than one way to educate a child.
Georgia Cyber Academy makes home-schooling a school of the future.. You are a member of public school, but you educate your child at home. GCA provides everything you need to educate your child at home. All materials needed are sent to your front door. Your child learns at their own p...
Why we should not allow illegal aliens to attend college!
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