Niel Malan

Niel Malan
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Niel Malan is a scientist who develops new instrumentation and data systems. He has done this in Antarctica, Potchefstroom, Aberystwyth and South Africa.
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Why did the sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela's memorial service use his hands to sign gibberish? Two things are at play: the first is the corrupt appointment of contractors, and the second is the man's own incompetence.
Santa Claus meets a hungry ghost in the chimney. The poor ghost is unable to frighten the family or rationalists who live in his house. Santa helps him get his fright on again.
Nelson Mandela was South Africa's first President of a government elected in a non-racial election. He died on 5 November 2013 from a lung infection. He is being mourned this week, and will be buried on Sunday 15 December.
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