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Currently enrolled at Kaplan University studying Information Technology. Have lived in Mississippi all of my life which is 40 years. Married 21 years and mother of 4 children and 1 grandchild.
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What the Hartsell police found at a flee market wasn't illegal spice but turned out to be weed instead.
The body of a US Airways flight attendant found while on layover
Tax season is just around the corner as we all know. Each year the industry takes in and shells out millions of dollars in tax refunds and tax payments.
Make money fast online learn how to make money the fast and easy way online with simple methods. Using proven techniques and tricks, you can work from home and earn an income
Would you want to pay $16,000 for someone's old tooth. What if it happened to belong to the famed superstar Beatle, John Lennon?
This discusses tax benefits for direct oil and gas investments
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