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sourav chakravorty
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I am sourav chakravorty. I write on everything i see and don't see.I love peace.
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This as an article showing the hazardous effects of using mobile phones and how does it harm us and others.
This is a narration of how a kingdom was captured..........
Enhancement of bollywood comparing hollywood please read and comment...............
What you can do with wikinut. If you like this then please give your comments.........
Just read and know how beautiful Goa is and get there soon.
It is a poem which will teach you the true meaning of love and help to get and deal with you true love!!!!!!!
This is a journey from life to death, the one who is going to suffer can't understand it till it reaches the ledge or last point of life.Here the word boeing refers to plane or flight.
This is a short poem suggesting the beautiful nature and also the beautiful gift of god.
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