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I have a passion for writing, for their is not a better weapon than pen itself.
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Recent pages by Bakhtawar

It is all about one of the top fashion designer Ali Xeeshan who had described fashion by his creative ideas and mind blowing cuts and designs.
It is about farhan saeed a famous pakistani singer now starting his own solo career in the field of music and the release of his new song Halka Halka Suroor a tribute to a late World known Pakistani Singer Nusrat fateh Ali Khan, the master of the art of music.
It has a short introduction of Dr. Zakir Naik's activities, his thoughts and his constant dedicaton towards spreading the right and truthful meaning of Islam which is th word of Allah, the word of Justice. In this process he had introduced a Islamic Smart phone known as Peace Mobile f...
All related information about the designs and creativity of one of the most popular Harlequin Wallpaper company.
This article throws light on subject of peace, harmony, blessings and love in the month of Ramadan through many tv shows. Among many the most famous is Aaman Ramadan by Amir LIaqat.
This article tries to summarise about how to get rid of smoking addiction and new technology, electronic cigarette benefits and popularity.
The article explains what is overpopulation, how it happened?, what are its effects, what impact it has globally and How it can be stopped. This article focuses on the one global problem of Over Population and its drastic effects leading to the generation of much worse problems like G...
This article has everything about insurance. From what is insurance to its types and how it can be calculated.
A girl who had lost her memory due to a deep trauma she had faced regarding her sister four years back. The story folds into events leading to the trauma and the very incident itself. It also portrays how the girl regains her memory. It is a must read story filled with emotions of lov...
It has information related to the different tools used, training from institutes or online training and deep thorough information about the services SEO has provided in Pkistan and Karachi.
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