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I am a freelancer and practicing lawyer.I am interested in writing articles with special reference to legal topics, history and society.
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Though democracy is the ideal form of governance, in India, the party system plays a havoc to get it degenerated through power-mongers using corruption, nepotism and ego etc.
It is unfortunate that a teacher did not understand that bed wetting is quite natural and in the case of girl children bed wetting is an ailment that requires medical treatment from a specialist.Hence, the child who was punished by the teacher for bed wetting needs Juvenile Justice.
My mother was missing from my home.After a few months I found her from a home for the aged.I went to the home.
A friendship is created through one's familiarity with another.It gradually blossoms into a friendship.But, it is tough task to decide the true friendship.A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Greg Chappell, the former Australian cricketer is known for his controversies.The latest controversy that he sparked of was about the Indian players during the captaincy of Rahul Dravid.
The concept of euthanasia has always been controversial.Recently one Jaya, a mother of a 14 year old girl demanded mercy killing for her daughter. The Supreme Court of India in a similar case suggested for passive euthanasia thereby permitting the mercy killing of the suffering patien...
You have to build your on line reputation to have recognition, to have your on line presence felt and to earn more.
The title mischief-monger that I earned in my childhood days lasted for many years.Till date I don't know why that title was conferred on me and what mistake I committed.
The Upholding of the Affordable Care Act, 2010 by the Supreme Court of US will have far reaching consequences.Besides covering 17 million people who remain uninsured, the judgment will provide an added advantage to President Obama in his bid for seeking reelection for US President.
Writing in different sites require different writing approaches, besides making you a complete writer and earning more revenue.
Money saving tips for your day to day life are a must to follow.
Though pension is hailed as a great relief under the social security scheme, it is far from reality.
The removal of Gilani as the Prime Minister of Pakistan by the Supreme Court of Pakistan has set a bad precedent and an uncertain future for Pakistan.
The modern India is still having some of the social evils such as the caste system, dowry system, female infanticide and childhood marriage etc.However, it is gradually shedding of its evils.Two recent episodes of childhood marriage are examples.
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