Frank F. Atanacio

Frank F. Atanacio
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I consider myself to be a new and upcoming writer I enjoy writing haunting images My latest Ebook is available now at
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Pulling one hand from the warmth of a pocket, Detective Peter O’Brien bent down to grab the dead man’s chin, pushing his head to one side to get a better look at the gunshot wound. The small, ovate hole had blood oozing out like a slow leak.
Alastar Brown frowned, somewhat disappointed. What would be the purpose of a charade that merely postponed the inevitable. Unless the key was in the postponing. Does the chief of those renegade Indians have something up his sleeve, or could he not afford another battle? “That red...
it was an infant, dead only three months, the life and death dates carved right there, and there was a miserable woman near, she would hurt, and on her knees in the dirt, her misery shook me to the bone, her arms wrapped tightly aro...
and I had to reduce it at all cost, a deed in which I was lost, when I am with the living, the sorrows within me would drain, there would be no more pain, in this society I could certainly fit, I could be the angel who would offer life, then extend it.
it was the fear, that made his body stiff and tight, then the shadows spoke of the boy, as if he were dead, he moved slowly and shook his head, still nothing said,
the nights of worrying had stopped, and all hope, popped, but what played its part was fate, and she would no longer be buried for $200. by the state,
A quick guide that will help you save money by doing these quick minor repairs on your toilet.. lets get started
As the medical examiner begins an autopsy..something dark has been on to find out what
Just remember, a child frantic before death. A Car with decay odor, and detectives investigating the death of a girl they ruled homicide. But what they didn’t expect was the stamp on the coffin that read: No Charges Due.
Nick PT Barnum's characters Officers Victor Cruz and Alfredo Fuentes handles a violent domestic call on the city streets of Bridgeport, Connecticut
The drama aboard the USS Constant continues as the captain comtemplates his next move in this Log Journal entry...
The USS Constant is heading out into the Ocean to meet an alien invasion.. that ship is our only hope.. read some more
A New Serial Killer? This crazy maniac kills young beautiful women because he thinks they are vampires.. crazy has reached a new high.. so sit back and enjoy this Nick PT Barnum Quick fiction and enjoy
A tiny voice kept whispering that in his ear. He grimaced and then gulped down his scotch. His heart pounded in his chest and evil thoughts were greeted with silence.
the detective had to cover his nose, the child looked at him with not much to say, eyes teary, situation dreary, the woman half clothed, and her body already in decay,
A young girl tries to fit in with the crowd and finds herself fitting in only in her dreams... sadness
Nick PT Barnum captures the Deepest Shade serial killer but the most shocking revelation is yet to on
A woman looks into a mirror and realizes something odd....
Someone has murdered the devil's son, and now there would be no mercy....
Angry spirits would fill the air, it didn’t bother her, she simply didn’t care, sometimes there would be a suppressed whimper of fear, she would have no scruples whatsoever about robbing tombs, she would stain the night............
A Look back at Ernie Banks' career and a quick flash back of rookies who were expected to make it big..that year was 1992--did they?
This is a dramatic poem that falls into my Serial Killer theme, it is indeed a Nick PT Barnum Publication so enjoy it!
Silence filled her head as she was trying to absorb what the doctor had just told her. She was having a hard time understanding why her happy-go-lucky son decided to end his life so abruptly.
The Serial Killer Deep Shade is still on the loose, and when all else fails, call Nick PT Barnum at your service
The serial killer saga continues.. this serial killer is a collector of children and he leaves his mark on the City of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Stains that would be in the hearts of all parent forever....
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