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Retired Teacher. Child care giver. Hobby: Writing for children and parents.
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Some of us are lazy to say reasons to our children. Some of us are expecting that the children must know the reasons on their own. Some of us are thinking that the children must not know the reason. They should just obey their parents, without any question.But reasoning is a very ...
You must be a good role model for your children to guide them. But the very important point is : You must be warm to them. Then only your children will imitate you.
Some times guidance is a team work. In many families every adult uses different methods to guid their children. This will puzzle the children. They find it to difficult to identify which is correct.
Introducing new food for a toddler is a very big challenge for young mothers. There are some tips to introduce new food for a toddler. If the tips are being used the toddlers can be easily fed.
Small children love to help their mother in the kitchen. A mother can use this desire to develop many talents and abilities in her child.
Puzzle is a useful toy for children. But, nowadays most of the children have no patience to do puzzle. They can be trained to do puzzles from their early ages.
Nowerdays 'Child Sexual Abuse' is increasing all over the world. Identifying the absuers and ask them to stop this is not an easy thing. But parents can pervent their children from abuse by advising their children.
We reward children to admire them. Through rewarding children understand their conduct, for which they are rewarded, is correct. But main thing here is when to reward.
We simply use the word DON'T to guid our children in critical situations. But in these situations the children realy don't know what to do next. So we want to guid them in a positive manner.
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