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"GODSbabygirl" is a freelance writer whom GOD has allowed to go through some storms in life so she may be able to lead others out of them with an encouraging word from GOD/JESUS CHRIST.
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Here is my testimony on how GOD delivered me from my abusive boyfriend in 1992.
Ladies, GOD knows that you want to be married. HE also knows what man is and isn't best for you. If you want the best that GOD has for you, get out of the way, and let GOD do what HE does best--BE GOD.
If you were sick and went to hospital, you'd open your mouth and say what was wrong. Why wouldn't you do the same for GOD. You have not, because you ask not. Ask and receive
GOD wants all of you. GOD is sweetly selfish and HE doesn't like to share us with anyone. This was first heard on Turning Point, with Dr. David Jeremiah.This is a short Haitian parable describing the consequences of giving place to the enemy.
Sometimes a person has trouble sleeping due to demonic/spiritual attacks. If you have the faith size of the mustard seed, say this prayer, and take back your sleep. In other words, give JESUS CHRIST your sleep and wake up refreshed.
It takes more than a generational curse to keep a good woman down. It only takes one Savior to pick a great woman of GOD up.
If GOD made you a promise about something, sit back and relax; HE is more than able to see them through to completion.
A Prayer Covering for Your Children, Grand Children and All Members of Future Generations Say this prayer and feel the power of GOD's protection.
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